SAVAS Columbus

SAVAS Columbus combines excellent benefits, such as low installation height with high seating comfort. The seat is designed to reduce vibrations and a number of unique features help to maintain comfort during long working shifts in forklifts and other smaller vehicles. Based on years of experience Be-Ge has developed the Columbus seat for use under heavy conditions.

The Columbus seat has many unique and ergonomic features such as: height adjustable backrest with an ergonomic design. 2-point safety belt, air suspension.

Savas Columbus Standard has a 12 V, 24 V or 48 V air suspension unit designed for weights up to 150 kg. The seat can be supplied in a static version with the Be-Ge’s robust 3919 suspension. Columbus Standard and Static are equipped with micro switches and 2-point safety belt as standard.

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Adjustable lumbar support
Adjustable seat cushion extension
Foam cushion 4 cm (standard 8 cm)
Extended seat cushion 440 mm / 400 mm
Electrical heating and different upholstery options.

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