BE-GE 3700.19-series

BE-GE 3700.19 is one of the market’s leading robust and hard-wearing driver seats, developed for a hard day’s work in the most challenging environments. The seat’s upper 3700 unit has an extra low built profile when coupled together with the powerful BE-GE 1919 suspension unit, making it an excellent choice for forestry, construction & mining machines and similar vehicles used in arduous environments. With a lifting capacity of 210 kg occupant weight, the suspension system has an unique scissor system with interconnected Pendulum arm technology that gives the seat its stable characteristics. Armrests and the vehicle’s controls can be fitted between the upper and lower seat units. Comfort is of the highest standard, which together with its extensive flexibility and combined extra-robust suspension package, creates a seat unit that mean drivers working in even the toughest of conditions can work long shifts in a comfortable working environment. A wide range of options and accessories allow the seat to be customised to suit different needs.

As standard Be-Ge 3700.19 has a Push-Pull air system, mechanical tilt adjustment, 640 mm backrest, pneumatic lumbar support, length adjustment of
the seat cushion and 210 mm slide rails mounted between the upper and lower parts of the suspension unit as well as under the suspension.

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Standards (to fulfil standards certain specification is required)
ISO 6683
SAE J386 (2-point belt)
SAE J2292 (3- and 4-point belt)
ISO 7096:2000
EM 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
EN 13490:2001
IT 2, 3
ISO 3795

The seat can be fitted with armrests
4-way headrest (640 mm back)
HBC back
ERGO backrest
Electric heating
Foam with extra lateral support, XSS
3-point belt with height adjustment as an extra accessory
2- or 4-point belt
Reinforced slide rails
Vibration indicator
Built-in compressor
Leather upholstery
Pneumatic lateral support and shoulder support

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