JANY 805 series

The JANY 805 range is based on the luxurious, high-comfort M1 seat. All three models have adjustable backs and integrated 3-point seat belts. The JANY 805 and JANY 805 Contour have integrated headrests. The JANY 805 Comfort features integrated, adjustable headrests and extra foam upholstery for enhanced comfort.

The JANY 805 series is equipped as standard with adjustable back, 3-point seat belt and integrated headrest. JANY 805 Comfort has an adjustable headrest. The seats can be fitted onto Be-Ge Jany’s flexible and fully compliant Twinplate floor system.

Seats are tested and approved by TÜV and UTAC.


Directive 2007/46/EC for vehicle category M1
• Regulation ECE R14
• Regulation ECE R16
• Regulation ECE R17
• Regulation ECE R21

The JANY 805 seat can be supplied in OEM upholstery, Vinyl, Leather or customer-supplied special upholstery.
Seats can be equipped with armrests, ISOFIX, Wide Safety Seat and Swivel & Slide.

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