Test Laboratory​

Here you can read about the Test Laboratories test description of JANY-products.

Be-Ge manufactures seats and floor systems for category light commercial vehicles.


M1 vehicles are defined as being equipped with a maximum 8 seats excluding the driver. The M1 category applies mainly to relatively small passenger vehicles and is therefore is the most stringent safety requirements for vehicle seats of any vehicle.

To obtain M1 approval of a vehicle, the entire vehicle as a whole should meet a series of EU directives and testing requirements. To achieve approval of the seat in a vehicle, the seat must not only be tested as an individual unit, but also as a complete system installed in the vehicle into which you intend to fit the seats.

All JANY seat solutions are tested in accordance with applicable EU directives, these are validated by TÜV Rheinland which witnesses and prepare approval reports for installation in vehicles.

Of these, four directives deal with car seats, as specified below:


ECE R 14: Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to anchoring the seat belts.

ECE R 16: Uniform provisions concerning the approval of safety belts and child restraints for people in motor vehicles.

ECE R 17: Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles in regard to seat anchorages and head restraints.

ECE R 21: Uniform regulation for the approval of vehicles in regard to interior fittings.