Be-Ge is a leading supplier of vehicle seating solutions as well as in surveillance and office seating.
Be-Ge products are at the forefront of seating design, not only in terms of comfort and ergonomics,
we also invest heavily in testing to meet the latest European and international Standards in seat safety.


We manufacture a wide range of Mechanical and Airsuspended Driver seats for a variety of truck applications. Our Driver seats are robustly and ergonomically designed ensuring a high level of comfort no matter how long the journey.


Be-Ge Bus & Coach driver seating is developed with specific functions to meet each drivers’ requirements. With Be-Ge creative and flexible modular seating system, seats can be customized to operators individual choice.


Be-Ge manufactures the Jany M1 range of passenger seats. Jany seats meet the new stringent European Whole Vehicle Type
Approval directives. Our seat and flooring
system is fully tested in vehicle shells from Europes leading vehicle manufacturers. We provide a full approved homolgated solution.


Be-Ge Railway seating solutions is based on
Be-Ge standard seat platforms customized to
the Railway standards in fire safety and functions. Using seat accessories as floor sliders, turntables, isolators and armrest unique customization is provided.


Be-Ge seating´s rigid and robust design are
one of the markets most durable seat solutions.
With its high seating comfort and wide range
of ergonomical functions, Be-Ge specified in
many leading OEM manufacturers standard range.


Be-Ge is specified as a seat of choice in many leading OEM Forklift manufacturers machines
for internal transportation. We are also a leading manufacturer of a wide range of seating solutions for the large scale forklift & port container handling equipment industry.


Be-Ge offer a range of driver and passenger
seats based on Be-Ge and Jany product platform customized to Military applications. Functions as removable center section and head rest unit that “absorbs” the occupant wearing helmets and bullet proof vests are offered.


Be-Ge supply maritime seating solutions from large seagoing ferries, container ships and cruise liners through to smaller vessels dealing with harbour patrol, pilot boats, lifeboats and pleasure cruisers. Using seat accessories as floor sliders, seat bases, foot rests and armrest unique customization is provided.


Be-Ge manufacture a wide range of office,
saddle and support chairs designed to fit
perfectly in a modern office environment
without compromising on comfort and hard wearing longetivity. Our 24 hour control room chairs has its background in heavy duty driver seating and are unique on the market.


We live in a noisy world. Therefore peaceful
rooms with less sound are more important than ever. Be-Ge develops and manufactures FRAPETT sound absorbers that creates rooms in rooms with colorful material and let you design your office with your own identity.