Steel Swivel 48000 series
The Steel Swivel is 34 mm high and weighs 5.4 kg.
A Swivel allows you to rotate the seat 360°. Available as standard in 4 or 8 locking positions, with the option of elective locking positions.

Aluminum Swivel 49000 series
The swivel is 34 mm high, manufactured primarily from aluminium and with a total weight of just 3.15 kg, which is of great importance for the total weight of a structure.
The aluminum swivel is stable as tolerances are reduced.
This ensures a better sense of robustness and an enhanced user experience.

Swivel Cover
As an optional accessory you can order a customdesigned cover which ensures that no bacteria, cleaning fluids or other contaminants enter the swivel.
This will ensure optimal performance after prolonged daily use.

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The swivels are M1 approved in accordance with ECE R14.07.
The swivel can be installed under all JANY 862 models on a wheel arch bracket or pyramid.

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