Swivel & Slide

The Swivel & Slide with a new design is manufactured primarily from black anodized aluminium, which reduces its weight significantly.
The height of the console is substantially reduced. The lower height means that the console becomes a natural part of the seat and looks like a unit.
The Swivel & Slide is very stable and easy to slide, which makes it comfortable to use and provides everyday comfort.

The Swivel & Slide can be moved 50 mm on both sides, which means that the installation is more flexible because the console can be aligned if a small adjustment to the mounting of the floor system is needed (eg. the twinplates). The Swivel & Slide has a greasing nipple which makes it easy to lubricate the console and maintain a stable and good movement for both the turning and sliding function. This ensures optimum usability even after cleaning and washing.


• Weight: 10.5 kg.
• Travel 205 mm.
• Offset 50 mm
• Rotates 360 degrees with 4 positions

• Including greasing nipple

The swivel is M1 approved in accordance with ECE R14.07.

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