JANY Life Floor System

High safety with Jany Life Floor System 

Be-Ge Seating A/S launches the new Jany Life Floor aluminium floor concept for M1 vehicles,
where the keywords are functionality, flexibility and weight reduction.
Jany Life Floor is a lightweight, modular and aesthetic floor solution for installing passenger seats.

The weight of the floor is reduced by using materials such as aluminium and sandwich panel.
The asymmetric profile can be reversed and shortened and is, therefore, a modulable solution
that can be adapted to your needs.
We offer solutions that have been tested and approved in accordance with the applicable EU
ECE regulation R 14.07/ ECE R17.08. Customers can obtain test reports for a wide range of M1
vehicles that are available on the market.
You have all your needs covered with Jany Life Floor for an economical and flexible flooring
solution for M1 vehicles. We offer 3 solutions, Alu Twin Profile, Standard and Custom, each of
which has its advantages.

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