BE-GE 9255 Military

BE-GE military seats are built and customised from our standard seat range. The BE-GE 9000-series with backrest  from the JANY product range is an example of a seat customised for a military application. The backrest has a removable insert panel as well as the front part of a head rest for comfortable sitting when wearing a safety vest. It also comes with 5-point safety belt with quick release function. All seats in the 9000- series are available in a mechanical-, static or air suspended version and allow for easily accessible, easy-to-use adjustments for individual working comfort. The seats can be equipped with armrests,  and different kinds of bases depen­ding on the needs of the working environment.

As the seat is built using standard products, the dimensions and features are described in the data sheet in the links below. This version is based on the Be-Ge 92-series and is an mechanical suspended driver seat.

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Mechanical suspended
Stepless height adjustment / suspension 100mm
Length adjustment 160mm
Stepless tilt adjustment for seat cushion 8º
Stepless adjustable backrest
Height limiter

Integrated 5-point belt
Quick release backrest adjustment
Double shock absorber

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