JANY 862 Ambulance +

JANY 862 Ambulance+ is a special edition of our functional M1 seat, JANY 862.

  • The seat is flexible, as it can be turned against the wall and folded up.
  •  Takes up minimal space and provides good accessibility.
  • Adjustable back and 450 mm wide folding seat.
  • The turntable function can now be released from the backrest. This provides a more ergonomic working position and makes handling easier.
  • Delivered with Tip Up function as standard. Seamless upholstery is specifically designed for the ambulance market (EN 1789), where bacterial control and cleaning is particularly important.

JANY 862 Ambulance+ is equipped as standard with adjustable back, foldable seat function, 3- point seat belt , integrated headrest, Tip omhoog en wide seat cushion. The seats can be fitted onto Be Ge JANY’s flexible fully compliant Twinplate floor system or on a wheel arch bracket.

De stoelen zijn getest en goedgekeurd door TÜV en UTAC.

Download de pdf hier


Richtlijn 2007/46/EG voor voertuigcategorie M1
• ECE-reglement nr. 14
• ECE-reglement nr. 16
• ECE-reglement nr. 17
• ECE-reglement nr. 21

JANY 862 Ambulance+ is delivered with antibacterial upholstery with reduced seams.
De stoelen kunnen worden uitgerust met armleuningen.

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