JANY 301

JANY 301 is a luxurious firefighter’s seat with integrated oxygen cylinder holder. The JANY 301 is M1 tested according to 76/115/EEC and has an integrated 3-pointseat belt for use while driving. The seat has a static and specially designed back for firefighters, and provides high comfort both with and without oxygen cylinder.

The cylinder is kept in a SmartDock, which makes it easy to sit wearing the cylinder while the vehicle is in motion. The cylinder automatically click out from the SmartDock, when the firefighter rises from the seat. The SmartDock locks the cylinder firmly in place, whether it is in use or not, so it can be usefully stored in the seat back. In case of collision,the cylinder remains locked, which increases safety in the vehicle.

The SmartDock does not replace the use of the 3-point seat belt, but it keeps the cylinder in the seat back.

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La description

Système flexible
The seat can be fitted onto Be-Ge Jany’s flexible Twinplate flooring system, which itself can be installed in a large number of positions within the vehicle.

With your choice of upholstery
JANY 301 seats are available in OEM padding, vinyl or leather, as well as customer-provided speciality upholstery.
The seat can be fitted with adjustable d’accoudoirs.

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