Ullman Slim

UllmanStolen Slim is the smallest of the Ullman chairs but can still provide you with maximum freedom of movement in arms and shoulders. This chair is perfect for those of you who are active and are only sitting down for short periods. UllmanStolen´s reliability and stability make it ideal for the office. The chair has a stable construction that provides good comfort.

Ullmanstolen is designed to offer a comfortable and relaxing seating position due to it’s unique seat shape.

UllmanStolen Slim has a 5 year warranty and is environmentally friendly. The chair is well balanced and the chair’s unique shape relieves back, shoulders and neck

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Knee joint rocking mechanism 16°
Weight 21 kg

The chair can be equipped with a base cross in aluminium black/silver and thicker seat cushion. We have chosen durable and hardwearing fabrics and leather in different colours suitable for different environments.