BE-GE 9080 24hr

BE-GE 9080 24hr seats have the perfect features to work in more demanding environments. With comfortable sitting combined with a strong and reliable design, the chair is very popular and liked by users. The chair comes complete with armrests and 4-way headrests. BE-GE 9080 24hr offers the user both knee and balance swing with different functions. The chair’s settings can be adjusted with easy hand movement to suit different users. Choose from among our different standard fabrics to get the best results to suit your environment.

BE-GE 9080 24hr has a 2 year warranty and is environmentally friendly. BE-Ge 9080 24hr offers a strong and durable balance swing with multiple setup features for a custom and varied seating position.

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Balance swing 13,5°
Weight 26 Kg

The chair can be equipped with accessories such as air lumbar support and comfort headrest.
We have chosen durable and hardwearing fabrics and leather in different colours suitable for different environments.