BE-GE 300 24hr

BE-GE 300 24hr is our popular operator and surveillance chair. The chair is based on our work within the driver’s seat environment and its unique settings provide users with even more seating comfort. The chair is delivered complete with armrest, comfort headrest, air lumbar support and adjustable side support.

BE-GE 300 24hr is provided with a smooth and comfortable knee joint rocking mechanism with function settings for a wide variety of seating positions and postures. The chair also has a unique back adjustment feature that makes it even easier to vary its positions. Choose among our fabrics to easily adjust the chair’s appearance to your specific environment.

BE-GE 300 24hr has a 2 year warranty and is environmentally friendly. The BE-GE chair is shaped to fit into quiet office environments as well as in demanding surveillance and process environments.

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Knee joint rocking mechanism 19°
Weight 35 kg

We have chosen durable and hardwearing fabrics and leather in different colours suitable for different environments.