Be-Ge Seating…. Is clearly ‘more then a seat’..

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We were recently called by a Dutch truck driver that he was standing at the Russian border with his truck. He informed us that he was very pleased with using ‘his Be-Ge seat’ for more then 10 years, but now there was a small defect on the seat. If we were willing to help him. Of course we were.

Ronny Nilsson been appointed Commercial Director

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The, in seating business, well-known Ronny Nilsson has, per 1st. September 2019, been appointed Commercial Director and forms together with CEO Bo Waldebjer the Management Board of Be-Ge Seating Division (BSD).

Be-Ge Seating: Custom made stock

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All Be-Ge Seating companies are having their own focus and are therefor related to stock specified on the customers demands. The stock in Sweden for example is oriented on the more serial production of seats and the stock in The Netherlands is more oriented on the demands of the aftermarket and the Maintenance & Repair market.

New product Jany ASC

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Be-Ge Seating Division welcomes a new product. JANY ASC (Adjustable seat cushion) makes the seat cushions on JANY 805 adjustable. The seat cushion can be tilted up and down and extended forward and backwards for the best seating comfort. The adjustment options make it easy to adjust the seat, so it’s ergonomically correct.

AAA Diamond Diploma for the highest credit rating

Stina Eneman News

Be-Ge Seating AB, previously Be-Ge Industri AB, has been awarded the AAA Diamond Diploma for the highest credit rating during the years 1994-2019. The diploma was handed over to the company’s CEO during the Be-Ge Seating Division’s Board meeting on 2 July 2019.

Utesäljare / representant sökes till Be-Ge Frapett AB

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Brinner Du för att vara med och påverka morgondagens arbetsplatser – för ökad trivsel och bättre hälsa? 
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