Sverigestolen 9080

SverigeStolen 9080 a strong and durable chair for you who have high demands on quality and ergonomics. SverigeStolen 9080 is a strong and durable working chair for demanding environments and manages 8 hours working situations. Fits also extremely well as a manager chair.

SverigeStolen 9080 has its origin from our driver seats that can be found amongst all larger vehicle manufacturers in Scandinavia. With infinite adjustment possibilities that gives individual settings.

SverigeStolen 9080 has 5 years warranty and is enviromentally friendly. The chair is suitable in environments with long sitting hours that has requirement of correct sitting position. There is no problem to have several different persons using the same chair since it is so easy to adjust.

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Balance swing 13,5°
Weight 24,6 Kg

The chair can be equipped with air lumbar support and aluminum base cross – black or silver.