Sverigestolen 818

SverigeStolen 818 is a new chair developed with the user in focus. Modern design together with simply manipulation for adjustment possibilities and with a sitcomfort which is above the generally.

818 will be your workingcomrade for many years. SverigeStolen 818 is the new generationen of chair developed with the user in focus. A new complete synchronous rocker gives the possibilities for adjusting of: heightseatadjustable– infinite adjustable backrest-tension adjustment of the rocker also separate adjustable back inclination.

SverigeStolen 818 has 5 years warranty and is enviromentally friendly. The chair is suitable in environments with long sitting hours that has requirement of correct sitting position. There is no problem to have several different persons using the same chair since it is so easy to adjust.

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Syncronic rocking mechanism 4°
Weight 22 Kg

The chair can be equipped with air lumbar support and aluminum base cross – black or silver.