Sverigestolen 814XL

SverigeStolen 814XL a quality chair that can be used in many different areas. The design is done in consideration that the chair is to be used at long and demanding hours of sitting. This chair is very suitable for persons that require larger seat cushion and high backrest.

SverigeStolen 814XL ´s reliability and stability makes this chair to fit well in office and industry environment. The seat cushion is designed with unique ventilation capabilities and is perforated to make the air change every time you move in the chair. This makes that the seat cushion does not feel warm when you have been sitting for a while.

SverigeStolen 814XL has 5 years warranty and is enviromentally friendly. Soft and gentle kneemechanism with stepless locking gives freedom to any sitting position.

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Knee joint rocking mechanism 16°
Weight 21 Kg

The chair can be equipped with air lumbar support and aluminum base cross – black or silver.