BE-GE 8754 Leather

BE-GE 8754 is a static and robust driver seat. Due to its reliability and unique adjustment possibilities it is widely used and popular amongst professional drivers. One very appreciated feature is that the backrest cushion has generous possibilities for height adjustment, this gives optimal support for both back and lower back for drivers of all heights. The wide range of accessories makes the seat possible to equip with air suspension and various types of turning and height adjustable bases to fit in most vehicles. Equipment like armrests, headrest and electrical heating, are some of the accessories that makes the seat adaptable to each individual.

BE-GE 8754 is a static driver seat that combined with Rotolift is height adjustable and rotatable, or combined with 3909 suspension can have air suspension. Lever on the left hand side is standard, but seat can also be supplied with lever on the right hand side.

BE-GE Maritime seating are built on Be-Ge standard range of seats, dimensions and features are shown in the PDF leaflet below.

Download PDF here




Armrest (adjustable and foldable)
Seat heating
2-point seat belt